Beneficial Insects


In 2013 we added praying mantis eggs to possibly help combat our problems with Japanese beetles and rose chafers.

This year we again added some mantis eggs but also added lacewing eggs to the newly planted wildflower areas around the vineyard. Our hopes is that with the right habitat the lacewings will thrive and provide some balance against some of the bugs that are a challenge in the vineyard.

Also new this year are the additions of several “insect hotels”. These habitats provide shelter and nesting facilities for solitary bees, wasps and other beneficials.

In 2015 we plan on adding additional insect hotels and increasing the wildflower area size by using calendula, bachelor button, borage, poppy, phacelia and sunflowers to provide a better environment for our beneficial friends.


  • Ladybugs
  • Parasitic wasps